This Guy!

You can read a post Here about how I started running.

Pictures are worth a thousand words right?

Some people say I'm an animal.

Some call me Baby Face.

I used to smoke :(

But now I run!!

I LOVE to run with a few of my closest friends.

I try to keep my head out of the clouds

Sometimes I enjoy "winter sports"

I'm a master at stacking cans on passed out people!

I love to suit up!

I have an amazing family!

Hey everybody, thanks for stopping by! I ran cross country in high school and even captained my team in my senior year! After I graduated I moved to the suburbs of Chicago for Tech school. Going to school full time and working full time all while trying to keep up with friends was a little stressful! I didn't have time for running anymore and therefore let a big part of me slip away. Life got so stressful I started smoking and quit growing my hair! I didn't have a choice in the latter :(
I made it back to Michigan after graduating and even though I had quit for insignificant periods of time I was still smoking and partying away like there was no tomorrow. I realized that at the rate I was going there might not be too many tomorrows left! I quit smoking and started running again in January of 2009 and began training for my first marathon in July. That's when I started this blog as a way to help keep me motivated. The longest races I'd run up to that point had all been 5K's but I decided to go big or go home. Well the race came and went and while it wasn't a total failure it wasn't a total success either. After the rough race and a rough breakup I soon found myself falling back into my old ways. Thankfully I can tell you today that I've been smoke free for over a year (since 1/1/11) and have just completed my first full year of running. Hopefully I keep this interesting enough for you to read along with my while I have fun with life and do some running along the way!

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  1. LOVE the Animal costume. Hahaha! And yay for not smoking! (I used to socially smoke in college and now I'm so anti smoking I annoy people. It's the converted who are the worst...)