Monday, January 3, 2011

A Reflection to the Future

     Seeing as how I didn't keep the best of records of my running endeavors from the past year, my 2010 review will instead consist of my new obsessions and discoveries of the past year.

              Music ~ Mumford and sons ~ British accents and a banjo in the band, how can you resist?

Food ~ Penn Station East Coast Subs ~ Move over Quiznos and Subway, These are delicious!

              Candy Obsession ~ Generic bulk sugar covered gummi bears ~ need I say more?

Television (A tie) ~ How I Met Your Mother ~ SUIT UP! ~ and ~ Raising Hope ~ I can't even describe it

              Snack food ~ Garlic Lovers Hummus and pita chips ~ Who doesn't love garlic?

Movie ~ Inception ~ Chris Nolan is my favorite director, he hasn't made something I didn't like

Moment in Sports ~ The Detroit Lions Won 4 in a row!!! ~ Last time you could say that was 1999!

      Just a few of my favorite things from the last 365. Now since the first of the year has come and gone it's probably time I make some goals for 2011. Some are specific and some are more generic.
  • train for and complete kalamazoo marathon
  • maintain running at least 4 days a week when not training for something in specific
  • run at least one 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon
  • run a race in a different state
  • add in more cross training
  • bike more
  • volunteer at a race 
  • meet more local runners
  • run in the morning at least one day M-F
  • run 1000 miles
  • Keep track of my running totals better (that way I know if I hit 1000 or not haha)


  1. Great goals! Volunteering at a race is actually fun. I volunteered at a triathlon last year and it was so motivating (yet it didn't make me want to try swimming again!)
    good luck to ya!

  2. A triathlon is also on my list of things to do but I too am not all that fond of the swimming... then again who knows, with a little practice I might not drown lol