Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What recaps?

I realize outside of yesterdays post I've totally neglected this blog. That's all about to change! I got a new laptop, one that doesn't shut off on it's own when it feels like it! Hooray!!! This means I don't have to use my phone as my sole form of internet! Double Hooray!! Yesterday I kind of vaguely caught you up on the past year and while I was writing it I started reminiscing about the fun and not so much fun times I had so I've decided that over the next few weeks I'll post some recaps from the big races and all the sweaty drama that unrolled every step of the way. I've also got to say that I'm so in love with my laptop. It's way cooler than a desktop, I mean come on right now I'm half laying down on my couch as I type this. Couldn't do that with the DT...then again for the last 6 months couldn't reall do anything with the DT. This on the other hand allows me to realize how many different odd noises my dog makes and how much he twitches while sleeping as close to me as humanly possible lol. Silly boy, must be a good dream, hopefully he doesn't start attempting to "sleep run" like the dog I saw on youtube that runs into the wall while asleep because I'm pretty sure I'd be the wall he'd run into.

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