Monday, March 22, 2010

Flu 1, Me 0

This was supposed to be a race recap post. Unfortunately I came down with the flu on friday afternoon, and after vomiting and the "hershey squirts" all night Friday, a race early Saturday morning just wasn't in the cards.

Lucky for me I had someone special taking care of me Friday night and all day Saturday :-) Aren't I lucky! So I spent pretty much the entire weekend on the couch watching tv/movies, drinking water and eating applesauce.  Not at all the way I thought my weekend was going to go. Oh and on top of the flu, apparently I slept funky or something because saturday night my neck and shoulders started to hurt, even worse than the rest of my body ached.

Thankfully today was much better, I was able to eat meals of real food, not just apple mush and water. Yay for real food! It always tastes so much better when you haven't been able to eat it for a couple days. Went for a run with my buddy after work tonight and it felt great so I'd say this illness is safely behind me. Speaking of my buddy, he did run the race this weekend and set a PR! He broke under 24 minutes which is more than 2 minutes faster than he was last year at the same race so congrats to him!

Well now it's time to start looking for my next race and illness be damned I'm going to run it!...... Just as soon as I decide when and where it is! I'll keep you posted, happy running and enjoy the sunshine.

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  1. Ahhh the bubonic plague. I know it well. Glad you made it through and bummer about the race. Rest up and hit the ground running my friend!