Saturday, April 24, 2010

Race Recap

I've started to set some goals for myself as far as running goes, and my first goal is to run the same races as last year and to beat my times from last year at each race. So far I'm 1 for 1, last year at the Borgess 5k I ran a 22:44, this year I killed it with a 20:39! I'm still a ways off from my 5k PR but it's still early in the season and I've only been running two days a week tops so I'm not too concerned. Instead of getting frustrated with getting slowed down and stuck in the pack like I did last year I decided it was a good thing and would keep me from going out too fast like I usualy do. Guess what it worked, first mile was 7:10, second 6:52, and I'm not sure what my third mile time was but the last 3.1 was 6:37 so I finally ran negative splits! Now I just need to up the amount of days I run in a week, I'm thinking four days a week should be enough for now, and start gradually upping my mileage and I'll be all set to PR this year. By the way my 5k PR was over 7 years ago in Highschool and I ran a 17:43, my fastest time last year was 18:54ish? So I've got a little work ahead of me but I'm up to the challenge.

New shoes should be delivered on Monday!!! Can't wait, they're the same ones I have now just different colors, but these ones are definitely beyond their prime.

Signed up for my next race today which is next Saturday, the Triple Creek Dash, last year I placed 9th overall and first in my age group so hopefully I do well again this year. I'll be moving into a new age group for this race too since my Birthday is Monday and I'll officially be half way to 50 haha. Hope every one is having a great weekend!

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