Saturday, May 1, 2010

Triple Creek Dash

What a Busy week, it started off with Birthday celebrations Monday night, and between work and packing things to move it's nice to have a few minutes to breathe! It didn't help things much when I realized I was developing a cold yesterday. Sinus Congestion and a sore throat don't make running any more fun that's for sure!
My new shoes arrived Monday! They're the same as my current shoe, but I realized just how stretched and worn down the old ones were the first time I put them on. Definitely over due for a change!

Went for a nice 5 mile run Tuesday with my buddy, but unfortunately that's the only run I got in this week until the race this morning. Woke up still feeling congested, but at least the body ache and head ache were gone. The course this morning was relatively flat, only one hill just after the first mile so that was nice. Two of my buddies were running in the race also so it was nice to have someone to warm up with and chat with after the race. This is a smaller race, just barely 100 people in the 5k and probably about the same in the 10k but I like it, the only part I didn't like besided my lungs BURNING! is the finish because they have a 1 mile fun run/walk that starts 20 minutes before the 5k/10k so when I was finishing I had to weave around a few groups of walkers, and thankfully I wasn't thirsty during the race because I could barely even see the water table there were so many people around it! Overall though it's a fun race, This was my second year running it and I improved by about a minute from last years time and finished 4th overall and 1st in my age group, so I got a medal which is always awesome! My two friends both received medals as well and both set PR's, one finished 2nd in his age group and the other finished 3rd so we were all pretty happy afterward. My parents got up and came out to watch us run again which made me happy, and I'm so thankfull they still come out to cheer us on!                                                               
I'm moving this afternoon and tomorrow so hopefully I get it all done in these two days and can have some time to run during the week. I signed up for the River Bank Run 10k a week from today, and it's my first 10k so I'm excited, it'll be fun to conquer another challenge. I haven't ran that far yet this year so I'm looking forward to finishing and seeing what kind of time I can put down, best part is no matter how fast/slow I go it'll be a PR! lol

Hope everyone had a great week and your weekend is even better! Good luck to anyone running races this weekend!

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  1. You are well prepared, I like the shoes though...Nice post too it is interesting.