Monday, April 30, 2012

"Looking good Billy Ray!" "Feeling good Louis!"

Rememeber the good ole days when Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd actually made good movies?

Someone was taking pictures at our group run this past Saturday and I was tagged in a couple on facebook tonight. My sister saw them and said one of them reminded her of the "ridiculously photogenic guy" photo that I'm sure you've all seen. Usually I look all kinds of pissed off and like I'm the only passenger on the struggle bus in running pictures so this was a surprise to me! So in light of this rare picture of me smiling while running, I wanna see your best "ridiculously photogenic running" photos and to make it even better, for comparison, your worst, most spent looking running photo!

First my worst!
Sunburst 11' It was HOT and I look like I'm 80!

And my best!
It's amazing what 40 degrees and an easy pace can do for ya! haha

So lets see em! 


  1. I have to agree, that last pic def makes you look like the ridiculously photogenic guy.

  2. Yeah, it always gets pretty hot at the Sunburst.

    I seem pretty relaxed in this pic:

    Compared to this, which makes me look so odd (it was a faster race, though):