Thursday, April 12, 2012

What's My Age Again?

This week was kindo of blah when it came to running. In fact this morning was the first time I ran since last Saturday! But hey it's a race week sooooo taper is good? I don't think that counts as taper though, probably just lazy.

Anyway I did get a new pair of Saucony Kinvara's in from running warehouse the other day and got to take them for their first miles today! It's amazing how different a new pair of shoes can feel compared to a pair I've been running in for hundreds of miles! I'm planning on using them for the Martian Half Marathon in Dearborn Saturday morning. The last pair were all black so I thought I'd brighten things up this time with a bright blue pair. I still can't wait to try on the Kinvara 3's when they come out next month but now that I've got a new pair I'm not as anxious to get them. These should tide me over until the 3's are on sale lol.

This morning was pretty hard to get out of bed at 4am to meet Jonathon but of course I didn't regret it at all as soon as we were moving. Getting up early to run might get a little easier the more often I do it but it had been a few weeks since we last met up before work to run, so it was struggle city for sure.

Random side note, I was just checking the registration list for Saturday's race and while the names are in alpha order by last name, the first names aren't in order so with a last name like Smith there were plenty to look through. I got part way through the Smiths and found -Jordy Smith - male - 36....At first I thought, shit, they got my age wrong, now I'm gonna have to get that changed. Then I started to think a moment and realized that I didn't register as Jordy and in fact haven't gone by that since high school so how did they get that name....oh duh.... that is someone else. My registration was ten more spots down the list. Under Jordan. With the right age. Now I'm intrigued, I've only met a handful of Jordans in my life and never another Jordan Smith! I must meet this man....and of course beat him!

Are you racing anywhere this weekend? There's a good chance it could rain during the race, but as long as it's not uber cold on top of the rain then I'm not too concerned. I actually enjoy a good run in the rain from time to time.

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