Saturday, August 22, 2009

How much Michael Jackson can a wedding dj play?

Holy long day Batman! and I slept in later than I planned on! Thankfully here in Michigan the weather doesn't follow basic guidlines such as seasons, so today the temperature didn't make it over 65ish and the majority of the day was much lower than that. So this was great for me since as much as I would love to be the early morning runner type......I'm not.

The alarm went off and the snooze button was promptly mashed into its hole. After finaly rolling out of bed around 9ish and dealing with some unexpected delays, I got my run underway. Again I decided to try out GU for my long run and since it didn't play well with my body last week I decided to modify my intake. I took 1/3 half hour before, and then another 1/3 about six miles into the 14 mile journey. I cramped up for a quarter mile or so but other than the fact that the "vanilla bean" flavor taste like a chocolate turd (in my opinion)..... it went well.

I also have a new favorite post run snack, whole wheat toast with peanut butter and honey....Delish. So all in all my run went well, felt good, no blisters, though I did notice some slight pain in my right foot again off and on, it wasn't bad enough to warrant any real concern.

This is where the long day part comes into play, I also had a wedding to go to this afternoon/evening of which I just got home from. So after poorly dancing the night away to what seemed like Michael Jacksons entire discography (I pulled out great classy dance moves such as the sprinkler, shopping cart, 'lawn mower, and the always crowd pleasing "stand there and bob your head to the beat") I feel like my hips are held on by wood screws. Thank God for rest day tomorrow, and what is shaping up to be a great night of beach volleyball followed by a bonfire. Can't wait! I'm off to runner dream land cheers!

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  1. Congrats on pushing through the run. I'm not a fan of the vanilla myself... I usually go with the apple or raspberry. That's weird about your foot, you might want to ice it after the run just to stay on top of any injury.