Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rest days, New Shoes and GU's

I've decided I have a love hate relationship with my rest days. They're nice when I get out of work late on Wednesdays all I have to do is eat, play with the pooches, and relax before bed. Then comes Thursday's run and I'm stiff and feel like I am made of cinder blocks for the first mile. The head wind on the first 2 of my "easy" 4 miler didn't help the situation too much.

Now that I've done my complaining for the day I'm happy to say that my new running shoes I purchased on tuesday are suiting me nicely. Off and on over the last couple months I've had some pain in my right foot which would come and go during runs, and for the first time in my running life blisters have begun to be a common sight on the tips of the toes on my left foot. Something was definately wrong. Well since my New Balance 769's were nearing their end I ventured out to the local running store and started my quest to find a new pair. I say quest because after about an hour and 12 different shoes I am the new owner of a set of Brooks Glycerine 7's. I hope they play well with my New Balance socks. So far so good, no new blisters, and no noticeable foot pain. Apparently since I was fitted last march for my 769's my feet have changed from a normal arch to a high arch. So my shoe options therefore have changed and instead of needing a stability shoe, I am now lacing up some cushy soft shoes.

I've got another easy 4 miles tomorrow after work and then Saturday morning I'll be putting one foot in front of the other for 14 miles. I'm going to make another attempt at trying out GU on saturday too since I had some unexpected results after last saturday's 16 miler. I'm not certain it was the cause of the nausea and puking out the side of the car but it is quite the coincidence. That being said, if anyone who uses GU has some advice on how they use it and results I'd love to hear it.

Ahh Tomorrow is Friday, work has gone well this week but even the best week at work gets better at 5:01 on Friday. So cheers to my fellow runners and thanks for reading my rambling.

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  1. New shoes are the BEST! I just got some new Asics last week and found out my feet had changed since my last pair as well. Crazyness I tell ya! I hope they work well for you!

    As for GU, at first I could only take like a half of one, I had to work my way up. The secret is making sure you take it with lots of water to break it down. I find that the actual brand GU & Clif ones are a little too thick for me to take so I use Power Bar, they are a little more watery and mix better with water when I take it. Another thing you might want to consider is electrolyte's for your water or some ecaps... I'm using Nuun for my water and loving it. My friend just started taking ecaps and said it was a similiar effect. I also take Clif Shot Bloks before my run to get a head start on electrolyte depletion and fuel. They have a ton of yummy flavors. And one last thing, if you're staring out with tummy trouble with the GU's make sure you hold off on trying the caffeinated ones until you are used to the regular ones.

    Ok there's my book of an answer. Good luck on your 14 tomorrow!!!