Friday, September 18, 2009

Do You Know What Today Is?

Today is the 18th of September in case you were unaware. There are two reasons this date stands out to me, the first being that it is my parents anniversary! They've been married for 33 years which I think is frickin amazing! I feel truly blessed to be their son, They've always been there for my brother, sister and I, and I know they're going to be there for me one month from today as well. Which brings me to reason number two why today is important. One month from today, thats right only one little old month until I tackle the beast. I'm three quarters of the way through my training schedule and it has been fun so far, well all except when I threw up after my 16 mile run. I went for an easy four miles today and tomorrow morning I'm going to conquer the 20 mile run that has so far evaded me for different poor excuses.
Last Friday I was talking to a friends dad who has run five marathons and I loved the feeling of excitement I had just thinking, and talking about the race. He said he can't wait to see me sometime after I've finished because he wants to know what I have to say about it. He said it will change me forever, and once I've completed my first I won't want to stop running marathons. I've got a fairly addictive personality so I'm pretty sure he's right. Besides I'm only getting started, first goal is to keep up with the training and cross that finish line. I'm still working on a list of goals running related, but right now that is numero uno, and qualify for Boston is definately on list as well.
I'm going to hit the hay and get workin on my rest for tomorrow so that I'm fresh  for rocking twenty miles. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and all your adventures be awesome! Cheers!

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