Thursday, September 17, 2009

My old man rant

I live in a city with an okay size University, and I live right by the campus for said University. School is back in session and I am definately noticing a lot more runners and bikers out and about on my journeys. It's kind of nice to see other people out doing the same, lets me know i'm not the only crazy in this town who runs for fun! The down side to more students on campus is more student drivers on campus! I'm thinking ordering my road ID was a wise choice after seeing how many people are texting while driving and for sure not looking out for runners. Speaking of my road ID, I got an email today with a coupon code for friends to use to get a dollar off of their order at So if you would like to save some cash on an item that might save your a$$ simply enter this code at the checkout ThanksJordan543288. It's just that simple, it's my gift to you....from them. Yesterday I ran seven miles and felt I felt AWESOME! felt strong the whole way start to finish and grilled some delicious barbecued chicken and corn on the cob for dinner so all in all it was a pretty rockin night. Tomorrow is Friday and that is fantastic because i'm ready for a couple days off of work and am looking forward to Saturdays long run. I will get this 20 mile run in! So off to bed I go so I can wake up early to get an easy four miles in  before work. Cheers!
P.S. I just realized how much I sounded like an old man complaining about these young whipper snapper drivers and their texting lol


  1. Alright Mister... go to my profile and shoot me an email... then you can ask away all the questions you may have. R.I.C.E = Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate = how to recover and prevent injuries. :)

    Good luck on the 20 miler, I have faith in you!!!

  2. You're a brave man, running anywhere near texting college-aged drivers!

    Have fun on your 20-miler!