Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Getting Motivated

Tuesday is a great day for motivation! right? No, not this week at least. I was lacking in MOTIVATION all day. I read some good words over on Redhead Running while on lunch today about negative nancy, and it did some good, I got through my lame work day with goals of running afterward. Well too many poor excuses later and I did not get to my run. Not only that but I'm now realizing I am going to have to really put in some effort this week to get the rest of them in. So now that my whining is done here is my plan for the week.....

Wednesday - Run todays repeat 800's in place of rest day
Thursday - Play volleyball after work followed by 10 mile run.... or possibly run to and from vball which will  come out to about 10 miles total
Friday - Rest day (and board the train to Chicago for a bachelor party!)
Saturday - The best part.....wake up early in Chicago and run my 20 mile long run along Lakeshore Dr.  Sunday - Rest day
So now that I've figured out my strategy I've just got to stick to it! No more lame a$$ excuses! I am really excited about running in Chicago Saturday, I've been wanting to do it for a while but everytime I've been there this year I haven't had time so now I'm making the time. While most of my friends will still be passed out from the good times of the night before, I will be enjoying what I hope to be a beautiful sunrise over Lake Michigan!
Last weekends 18 mile run went well! On the advice of Morgan I tried out a couple new things. First off, the triberry nuun is pretty delicious, and I also actually enjoyed the Lemon Sublime GU without any sickness. I could definately feel the energy level pick back up after the GU, because I was starting to run low. I almost forgot that I worked my parents house into my loop as a water stop and it turned into so much more than just water! I'm starting to notice that on the longer runs when I'm at about the 10 mile mark I start to get hungry and any food that pops into my head (usually something sweet) sounds more scrumptious then ever! That being said, when I got to the Rents at mile 11 and saw lemon pound cake slices on the table next to a banna, and hershey bar I quickly dove in and chased them with a glass of delicious H20! Two miles later I was reassured that this was not the best training mid run food lol. The other new trick I pulled from Morgan's arsenal is the ice bath. If you can get over intentionally submerging your lower half in water that might be even too cold to drink then you will love the benefits..... ya know after you warm back up that is! 
After the run, and glacial bath I had a great night playing some Euchre (which we won), talking, and hanging out with some great friends it was time to call it a night. Slept like a baby and woke up feeling pretty good, so the deep freeze will now be a regular addition to my long runs. Great job to anyone who got out there and ran this weekend, be it a race, a long one or just a jog around the block! I think I'm beginning to find my motivation again and I've also got a new RW to read and if that doesn't work I can always watch my favorite motivating runner movie "Without Limits". That always seems to do the trick. 
Hope everyone (all three people reading this lol) is having a splendid week, Cheers! 

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  1. Thanks for the shout out darlin'!!! Glad to see my tips are working for you! Staying proactive goes a long way for recovery. Thanks for your kinds words on my post yesterday as well... Negative Nancy definitely gets the best of us. I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo jealous of your run on Saturday! You should bring your phone/camera and snap some shots!