Friday, March 30, 2012

Running Realizations

Have you ever finished an easy run and then realized how much you thought of during that run? Bear with me for a minute, if you're confused, I'll try and straighten you out. Sometimes I run with music and zone out, sometimes I'm with friends and we talk the whole time. Everyonce in a while though I'm by myself with no music and no friends (that almost sounds depressing lol) and I'm left to my own thoughts. This could be dangerous....Tuesday  night after I got out of class I decided to go for a simple 5ish miles and when I got done I just had this feeling of wow! I just realized a whole bunch of shit! 

Realization numero uno: I really need to work on a pre-race plan.
      I came upon this because I was thinking about about Saturday's race and I realized that I pretty much fumbled my way through getting ready and then stood there for a few minutes waiting to start. Now I realize that Saturday being a relay and not exactly knowing when Christen would be coming through the exchange point changes things a little but looking at other races I've done, I haven't ever really gotten ready the same way twice or very organized for that matter. Nothing too crazy but maybe figuring out what to eat, how far to warm up, and all that jazz.

Realization numer dos: I need to grocery shop!
     This seems pretty straight forward, but I was thinking about how much I get take out and how there are so many better choices I could be making with food. Afterall prefueling and refueling are important parts of a healthy run and good recovery. I've got a book about nutrition for runners. It's next on my list after I finish Running Anatomy.

Realization numero tres: Why are my realizations in espanol?

Realization numero quatro: I keep hearing good things about the hunger games. I should probably read the book.  
     I want to see the movie but everyone says I should read the book first. I know if I see the movie before reading the book, then the chances of actuallly reading the book become slim to none. Suddenly the nutrition book has been bumped to second on the list. Then again I did get a new runners world today. And like that boom nutrition third. Maybe there will be an article in the RW about something healthy I can eat. I do love what my friend Niki said about reading the book before the movie though. "Why would I want to ruin a good movie by reading it first?" haha awesome!

Realization numero cinco: It's been how long since I've done speed work?
     Well the short answer is probably almost a year. It's basically been long runs and mid long runs all winter. Sure some were a little quicker than others, but when it comes to repeats, intervals, fartleks, and all those other fun sweat inducing torture workouts you'll find a big 0 in the totals column. I'd like to set some PR's this year one in particular is my all time 5k PR of 17:43. I ran this in the state cross country meet my senior year. The closest I've come is 18:27 last summer at the Blueberry fest. I'm definitely not going to get there without some speed work. I feel it will help my half times too.

So there ya go, a few things I need to start working on. Wednesday I went out for a mid long run of 10 miles and felt a lot better than the 5.5 from Tuesday. I don't know what it was but my stride just felt wonky during the shorter run. Last night I decided to get a start on some speed work. Nothing too ambitous, so I decided I'd do a couple mile warm up, followed by some intervals. 3x1 mile with the interval being 3:00. (I learned from one  of Hal Higdon's books that the interval part of doing intervals is actually the slow lap!) So I found a feature on my Garmin that I didn't even know existed on accident. The Interval setting! It's pretty cool I just had to tell it how far for the speedy and how far or long for the rest interval and whether or not you are doing a warmup and cooldown! When you start it, it will beep at you letting you know when to speed or rest. Pretty cool I thought!

So I warmed up for a couple miles over to a two track like trail around a pond where we used to do repeats and intervals in high school and then did my intervals and then used the two miles home as cooldown. I was a little slow on my last one, but all in all I was pleased with the way the workout went. I'm going to try and fit some type of speed work in once a week now and see how that goes.
I was shooting for 6:00 miles 2,4,6

Tomorrow's long run is looking like 18 miles? That sounds good. That also means that tonight will be nice a chill. Maybe I'll get some reading done! Hope everyone has had a great week and is ready for the weekend!

P.s. It would be nice to win the crazy big Mega Millions jackpot tonight. If I do, you'll soon be reading posts written on an island. An Island I'll own.! haha wouldn't that be nice?

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  1. I do like that your thoughts are bilingual. You must read The Hunger Games book. It is better than the movie and it's a super easy read. Took me a week and that's just b/c I had to like work and stuff. ;)

    P.S. If you buy an island I expect an invite.