Friday, March 23, 2012

Runnin' Down a Trail

Tomorrow morning is the Kal-Haven Trail Race! The name is a little deceiving though. The trail is a former railroad bed so it's basically flat and straight. The surface isn't your typical trail either. It's a crushed limestone surface, so it's considerably softer than pavement but it's not a two track either.

I'll be running it as part of a two person co-ed team. My partner Christen will be running the first half which is about 17.6 miles and all slightly downhill. Downhill enough that you'll notice a slightly quicker pace but not enough to punish your quads. That leaves me for the 15.9 miles slightly uphill to the finish. It's been record heat the past week in Michigan so I was a little worried it would be hot tomorrow especially since I won't even start running until close to 11am but today it rained and cooled down significantly. Forecast for tomorrow shows it should be mid sixties when I'm running with a chance of rain. With those temps I won't mind a little shower. It might even help out if I start heating up.

Christen is coming off an injury and as you know I had a couple weeks off from being sick so neither one of us is 100% going into the race so that takes a little pressure off and we can just have fun. I say that now but I know I'm still gonna push myself....I tend to do that. lol.

I picked up our packets tonight and carb loaded with some pasta for dinner. I actually really like the shirts! I noticed too that the womens are gender specific and look like they will fit women well. I've heard a lot lately about girls not being happy with the sizing and style of shirts so it looks like they got this one right!

All that's left to do is set out my clothes and other gear I'll need for the day, put together a playlist for the iPod and chillax. Can't argue with that for an easy Friday night.

Hope you all have a great weekend and if you're racing then good luck to you!

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  1. Good luck! The temps have been horrible here, too, but the rain helped and it's cool right now.

    It's funny you mentioned ill-fitting race t-shirts - I picked my race pack up yesterday and was pleased to see a tech shirt, though the sizing is gender neutral so it still doesn't fit!