Monday, January 2, 2012

Photo Post

Just a quick post with a couple pictures. My brother and I ended up at my Grandpa's on Christmas Eve wearing the same sweater, how adorable. One from the anual "Suit Up for New Years Extravaganza" (I just made that name up, but we have been suiting up for the past 4 years so I guess it fits. Lastly one showing how "warm and fuzzy" I felt after yesterdays PBR Half Marathon. By the way a couple hours after yesterdays run it started snowing harder and didn't really let up until the ground was covered by a foot of snow. Thankfully it took a while to get here but alas the snow has arrived. Here's looking forward to March. I'll get a picture of the snow up tomorrow for comparison.
Apparently we think alike from time to time.
My sister and I on NYE. As my friend so aptly put it "all dressed up for the dirtiest bar in town"

I really didn't feel as bad as I look...I'm not even sure what that look was for haha

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