Friday, January 20, 2012

How Early?

So Tuesday morning I got out of bed UBER EARLY  and ran 8 miles with my buddy Jonathon. Two days later we did it again. Friends have called us certifiable and enemies have called us worse. I'm just kidding....we don't have enemies. It was necessary to get out early Thursday to get a run in though. You see it was my sister's Birthday yesterday so we were going out to dinner as a family after work so there went my evening. Jon said he was running in the AM again so I was in. Best decision I made all week!

We set out for our run at 4:45 and I told Jon when I got there that if I were going to run this solo I never would have made it out of bed. He agreed lol. The nice thing about running that early is you pretty much have the road to yourself. As for the weather it was low 20's and the wind was up around 20mph! The roads were clear for the most part so that was good. The wind didn't hit us until the second half of the run. Right it our faces while going uphill. For four miles.

After the run I congratulated myself with the standard french toast bagel sandwich AND a blueberry bagel with wild blueberry cream cheese from Panera of course. I got home around 6:15 and it had just started spitting snow so I decided on a whim to put the car in the garage while I showered and got ready for work. Thank God for that decision. By the time I left for work just barely more than an hour later there was already a couple of inches of new snow that I did not want to clean off my car. Yes I'm that lazy.

All day friends were commenting on our FB status' about how crazy we were for getting up so early but then those same people changed their status to say something about how bummed they were to have to run in the snow! That's a win for the good guys!

Tomorrow's long run starts about 20 minutes north of the city and we are supposed to get up to six inches of fresh snow tonight so it could be another slushy long run tomorrow morning. We've got 16 miles on deck so we'll see how that goes.

Remember last year when I went up to my friends cabin and we drank all weekend, watched movies and played in the snow? If not here is part 1 and part 2 of that weekend. That weekend is coming up again next week! I was debating going or not this year though. Not because I didn't have fun last time because I did, but I knew if I go up there that I don't know the area and none of my friends I'm going with are runners so I'd be stuck doing a long run solo in an area I don't know. Not my idea of fun. Fear not a solution presented itself. I've been thinking about racing a half marathon sometime soon so I can gauge my performance and wouldn't you know it I found a race that Saturday less than a half hour from the cabin! Score!  The race is called the Snowman Half-Marathon.
So the plan is to go up to the cabin Friday, be responsible Friday night and then head to the race Saturday morning, then (hopefully) celebratory partying at the cabin Saturday night. It should make for a great weekend, I fully intend on eating too much chili Saturday night again because it's chili and it's what I do.

Hope you had a great week and your weekend is even better!

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