Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Spring is a Time For Races and Baseball!

This week is about to get busy! I found out yesterday that I have to go to Columbus, OH next Monday evening for work. Thanks for the short notice. I'll be there through Wednesday night meaning I'll have to miss class Tuesday night. This means I need to get my assignments done for this week by Friday to turn them in early. Awesome. Lucky for me my Professor is letting me turn them in early otherwise I'd be really pissed about having to go to Ohio, instead I'm just annoyed. Anyways back to this week. Friday night I'm heading north to go to Ben's cabin and then Saturday morning I'm running in the Snowman's Half Marathon. It's not going to be that crazy of a week but busier than usual none the less.

My race Calendar is starting to shape up nicely! This is my current calendar of events:
I'm sure I'll sprinkle in a few 5Ks and 10Ks in there for shits and giggles. I'd like to find a marathon in another state I haven't run one in before too. I know it will be tough to find one with only 47 states to choose from.... I'm thinking Ohio or Wisconsin just because of their proximity. I'm open to suggestions so feel free to send them my way. If you'd like to pay for me to run in another state more power to ya haha. I'm on the sub list for pacing the Cleveland marathon in the spring so maybe that will come through for me and I can knock off Ohio for free. Wouldn't that be nice :-)

Today I found yet another reason I can't wait for spring to arrive. As if running weren't enough reason. Lately if you're a Detroit Tigers fan we haven't had much in the good news department. First I heard Joel Zumaya was traded to Minnesota. I realize he's been injured more than not but I like the guy and when he's healthy he has one hell of a fastball. The second punch came last week finding out that Victor Martinez tore his ACL. This was a big blow to our lineup, but fear not for today it's come out that we've signed free agent Prince Fielder! BOOM! What's that you say? The Tigers have three of the biggest names in active baseball players? Damn straight we do! I'm now so excited for spring to get here it's not even funny.


  1. That's quite the line up! I am trying to find a half in the later part of May, early June and of course the Dexter-Ann Arbor run is nowhere to be found. Boo! Good luck with training!!! So cool you get to be pacer! How'd you land that gig?

    1. Yeah, I'm pretty excited for the year! I know the sunburst half marathon is early June in south bend. It's a hot race every year though. A couple friends paced riverbank last year and got me in touch with the right people.

  2. I hate it when people throw stuff at you at the last minute, but I always tell myself I'm probably making it seem bigger than it is. Annoying all the same, though.

    Nice schedule! Make sure you sign up early to get the early race fee.