Thursday, January 12, 2012

Shorts in January? Yes Please!

     We are a week and a half into January and I just went for a run in shorts.....and I'm in Michigan! The down side is the forecasted snow storm coming tomorrow. Tonight though while it was 45!!! I got in a nice moderately easy paced 5 mile run in a pair of shorts and a long sleeve half zip. Doesn't get much better than that! We've been pretty lucky so far this year when it comes to winter weather. I'm just hoping it doesn't arrive with vengeance!

     I love music, I'd listen to it all day if I could and some days come pretty close to it. I don't always take my Ipod along on  my runs though especially if I'm running with someone else. I've realized I go through phases with music, country for a while, then more rock/pop music for a bit then a mixture of the two and so on. Lately though it's been more pop than anything else. I don't really have an explanation as to why but it also seems like a lot of it is fairly least to me. I decided I'd share a list of the ten songs I've been hooked on lately.

I'm way behind the bandwagon on him but a few of his songs are growing on me.

Can't help but tap your foot.

I absolutely love their sound and can't wait for a new album!

I love her voice and could listen to it all day long no joke.

My favorite off their new album

Who couldn't use a little 90's harmonica here and there?

I love this band but unfortunately we're about to get hit with colder weather...for real....brrr

"Life's to short to even care at all whoa oh!"

The best cover of this song in my opinion, second best the Canadian Tenors...they would have been first know....Canadian....jk

Aren't we all...

      I hate it when I really want to hear a song and it's no where to be found, thank God for the Ipod! There are days I swear I wouldn't make it through work without music.  I feel like Pandora has opened me up to a lot of new music that I might not have heard otherwise.

      I don't know about you but I've kind of half assed followed training plans for most of my big races but this time I'm going to try and put one together myself for my spring races. I think my big key race right now is going to be the Borgess half marathon in early May. I'm excited for it because I want to see how I've progressed since last year. I still want to get a marathon in around spring time too but we'll see. Anyways I've been reading "Run Fast" by Hal Higdon and I've got another of his books to read also for some input for the plan. I have heard people have good results using the Macmillan calculator for pace planning too so I'll incorporate that too. Lastly I've been doing my long runs on Saturday's with the  Kalamazoo Area Runners and we've been following the Semi Elite schedule for long run distance so I'll probably stick with that for the long runs. After I get this all figured out (hopefully this weekend) I'll let you know what I've come up with so you can all tell me what I'm about to do wrong.

      Oh yeah side note today was an all around decent day, especially because I fought an erroneous parking ticket this morning and got it overturned! Winner, winner, this guy! The best part is when I tell people it's only a 10 dollar ticket and they look at me like I'm crazy for fighting it. No ten bucks won't break the bank, I'll spend more than that on Gu for the weekends run but it's the principle of the matter. Most of our tickets are issued by a private company not the police and they aren't held accountable for writing bogus tickets unless you take it to a magistrate so that's what I did. Best part was their system "lost the images of my vehicle parked illegally" lucky for me I took pictures and didn't lose them. Score board ~ Jordan - 1 ~ Central City Parking - 0

      Any songs you've had stuck in your head lately that you feel like I have to hear? Did you get to run in shorts today and feel like you're going to have to wear a ralphie-esque snow suit tomorrow?


  1. Way to fight the man! :)

    I am LOVING this mild January we've had so far... but I know it won't last.

  2. Nice post dude. I hear ya on the shorts running weather. I can't believe it has been this nice lately! I didn't know you were a country man, I love country. Let me know if you want to borrow any books. I've got a couple training program books like the Hal Higdon and Pfitz one as well. Is that "Run Fast" book new? I don't believe I've heard of it. Well, keep up the good work man!