Sunday, February 19, 2012

c'mon lungs, pull your sh!t together!

The un-wintery weather we've been blessed with in Michigan this year continued this weekend.
Sure it still says 34 degrees, but there are only a few stubborn piles of snow around and the sun was shining brightly, just teasing me to get out and run.

I hadn't run since last Saturday's 20 miler due to this cold that struck Monday morning. I was surely going run crazy and after a morning of reading running blogs, and seeing friends post about their amazing sunny runs this afternoon, I couldn't take it anymore. I took a few snorts from my Vapoinhaler, laced up my shoes and I was out the door.
Today's run is made possible by:

I was hoping I'd get an easy 5 miles in but a mile and a half in I was realizing my lungs were not pleased with my current course of action and I decided to turn around and make it a 3 mile run instead. I really don't want to push it and end up not being able to run for over a month like last year.

I got home and had a delicous bagel with Nutella and peanut butter, and an orange. Which is about as addicting as I imagine crack to be....

I'm really hoping I didn't set myself back big time by running today but I was feeling like a total bum. So anyway here's the stats from the jaunt:
I hope you all had wonderful weekends! Hopefully next time I write it's to tell you how wonderful I'm feeling!


  1. I hope you get to feeling better ASAP! I had the bubonic plague a few weeks ago and it was not pretty, def wasn't able to run during it. :(

  2. Feel better soon! I didn't even bother running the first two days of my cold because I would have died.

  3. can't say i blame you. when it's lovely outside sometimes you just gotta run. they say if it's a head cold it's ok to run, but not if it's in your chest.