Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Time out!

Last week went pretty darn well running wise. Coming off a very low mileage week I was pleased to hit 49 miles Monday-Saturday with only taking Thursday off and I got some great info from my gait analysis. Saturday despite the sub-zero temperatures at the beginning of the run I got in a pretty good 20 miler with the group. (even if the last two miles were struggle-city).

The downside to all this awesomeness is I'm starting to get sick. Did I do to much? Possibly, all I know now is my throat is all kinds of scratchy and my nose is running more than my legs are. I'm pumpin the water and vitamin C so hopefully it's a quick turn around. I took today off from running and I'll probably do the same tomorrow. Stay tuned, I'm determined to not let this become a repeat of last year's two round fight with pneumonia!

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