Friday, February 24, 2012

Sinners Like Me

I had every intention of running last night after work. At least until I scored free tickets at work to see Eric Church and Brantely Gilbert in concert last night! I was supposed to see Eric Church a couple of years ago but ended up getting the flu the day of the concert so when I heard that I could get tickets for free I dove for the phone to dial the extension to claim them!

Church is my buddy Jeremy's favorite country artist so I knew he'd be in for sure, and I was right. I texted him to see if he wanted to go and his reply was "Is that even a question?" Apparently not. The concert started at 7:30 and was about a half hour away so we decided to get there, park and then get some food at a brew pub around the corner from the arena. I had one of the best pulled pork sandwiches of my life for dinner and then we made our way to the arena. It was about 8 o'clock already so we missed the first opening act and we were told we didn't miss much.

We found awesome seats

We grabbed a couple of over priced beers and stood towards the back of the floor section watching the beginning of Brantley Gilberts set. I didn't know much about him so I was indifferent to hearing him before we got there but he put on a good show. I also didn't realize he wrote a lot of songs for Jason Aldean and other artists so he played a few of those songs too. While watching him we saw some kid puke on the floor right next to us. So close to us in fact that it almost hit Jeremy's feet haha. We moved a few feet away and then laughed for a while watching people unsuspectingly slip and slide their way through the pile. Inconisderate maybe. Entertaining, definitely.

We ended up wandering to the bathroom about half way through the set and on our way back into the arena we decided to cut through by the seats. It's a pretty small venue, that reminds me of  a small college gymnasium with seats on both sides and the stage at the front of a standing floor section. It was all general admission so if we found open seats they were ours. We lucked out and found two seats in the very first section of seats, putting us about 20 feet from the band. Effing sweet, free tickets and then badass seats. The couple sitting next to us said they got in line at 3 in the afternoon...suckers haha.

It ended up being a great show, I wish he played Sinners Like Me because it's my favorite song by him but he did play some good ones and I'd go see him again next time he's in town. I'd even play this time haha.

We got some snow last night and it made for a fun commute to work! I was cruisin along....aparently faster than I should have been, because all of the sudden the back end of my car decided it wanted to lead the way! NOT GOOD! I was doing 70 mph on a three lane highway with plenty of other cars and semi trucks around. First the car went halfway around to the right, then back to the left, and I almost thought I saved it but then it went back to the right...all the way around donut style across three lanes of traffic and finally coming to a stop in a snow coverd slight ditch between the highway and an exit ramp! How I didn't hit anything I don't know but you bet your ass that my ass was puckered when I was doing 65 mph backwards and sideways watching my view change from road to wall to semi trucks facing me to more road to more wall and finally ditch. I sat there for moment shaking like a leaf and started thinking about who to call. Then I realized the car was off, so I restarted it and then I realized I was facing the right direction and since I hadn't hit anything that maybe I'd get lucky and be able to drive out of the ditch and be on my merry way. SCORE it worked! As I was driving out of the ditch I saw a coworker drive past. When I got to work he said he saw the whole thing from a distance and that it was awesome.....haha.

The red line represents the right side tires, blue the left haha

So since apparently the last 24 hours I have been more lucky than ever before you better believe I bought a lottery ticket!

Tomorrow I have a 16 mile run on tap, 2 mile warm up 12 miles at pace and 2 mile easy. Hopefully we don't get anymore snow tonight because that would make running at pace a bit more of a bitch.
I hope you all have wonderful weekends, and I hope this lucky streak continues!

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