Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Did you order medium or GINORMOUS?

I've been trying to eat more healthy lately, but every once in a while I find myself on a time crunch, unprepared at lunch and settle for fast food. The other day I ended up in just such a predicament and ended up grabbing  a sandwhich from Wendy's. I ordered a medium size combo and was surprised when they handed me my drink. When did medium become synonomous with GINORMOUS!??! I thought they had made a mistake but was told, no their medium drink is now 32 ounces! How big is a large you ask? 42 ounces! No wonder obesity and type 2 diabetes are on a steady rise in adults and teens. A small drink is now 20 ounces, which is what I was expecting to get for a medium, and that's probably even a little big. There is the argument that you don't have to drink the whole thing, but I'd be willing to bet most people do because it's there.

I used to drink quite a bit of pop but have cut back considerably the past few years in favor of water, coffee, and tea, but you better believe I found myself finishing that "medium" Dr. Pepper without any problem. I think that is a problem though because I'm sure I'm not the only one who has done that without even noticing and on a regular basis. I'm pretty sure no one needs that much sugar from a drink, which for the record is 240 calories and 66 grams of sugar. If you're on a 2000 calorie a day diet that's a little more than 10 percent of your daily calories from one drink! If I'm going to get 240 calories from a drink there better be hops, barley, and yeast involved :) I definitley don't count my calories and probabaly wouldn't hurt any from taking in a few extra, but it's something to think about next time you're ordering your lunch.

I believe Mcdonalds drink sizes max out at 28 ounces now for a large. After the movie Super Size Me cast a negative light on the fast food giant they phased out their super size drinks. Wendy's used to have Biggie and Great Biggie drinks and fries. They did away with name but in my opinion this was the wrong thing to do. At least with names like Biggie and Great Biggie one expects a massive amount of cola. Anyway that's my rant for the day. Guess I should have stuck with iced tea. That or water. Side note, is it just me or does anyone else think that almost nothing compares to how amazing water tastes when drank after eating ice cream? I may be looney, but something about the way it cuts through the creamy taste that's left in my mouth. I imagine the only time it could taste better is if you're dying of dehydration.

Onto other things, my head cold came back this weekend grrrrrrrrrr!!!! Thus once again a week of no running. I'm really getting sick of being sick. Apparently next year I'm going to have to go south for the month of February and avoid cold and flu season. It seems like everyone I work with has had some kind of ailment over the last month. I have found myself getting mad at them for not covering their mouths when then sneeze and cough and I have no qualms about sharing these feelings with them too, since they have no problems sharing their germs with me. I've become the "wash your effing hands and cover you damn mouth" nazi. It would also be nice if our employer gave us sick days so people didn't come in when they are infectious. I'll stop before I get stuck on a soapbox.

On a plus note Saucony posted this lovely tease of a picture on their facebook page (even though I've seen full pictures on other websites)
I'm excited for the Kinvara 3's to come out this spring. I'm hoping they fit as well as the 2's do and that I can get a pair broken in before the Kalamazoo 1/2 marathon in May but it's gonna be cutting it close. Even if they don't feel right though, I'm guessing the 2's will go on crazy sale when the new model releases so if need be I can stock up on the predecessor for "cheap" (relative)

I also got new pictures from the Snowman's Half Marathon today and added them to the recap so feel free to click on over and check them out. I almost forgot how cold that day was....almost.


  1. For some reason I have trouble finishing a soda in a can, but if I order soda from a fast food place it's gone before I blink.
    Sorry to hear about the rebound cold. Feel better soon!

  2. i gave up soda for lent and it hurts. granted i usually only drink a real "fatty" coke when i am having a treat, but those stupid "diet" ones slip in too often in the afternoon. i wanted on SOOOOO badly after my race on saturday. alas, i was strong. and yes, they are too big at fast food joints. sorry for my digressing. lol!

    hope you are feeling better.