Thursday, February 2, 2012

Splits I Wanted Last Weekend

It was 45 degrees tonight at 5:30 when I went for my run. This makes me happy. I wore shorts and a long sleeve shirt and it was perfect. Where can I move to that has winters like this every year?! I had not run since last Saturday's race so I wasn't sure how today's run would feel. After the race I was a little sore and with going to Ohio for a couple days I just wasn't feeling it so I decided a few days rest wouldn't be a bad thing.

I didn't really have any expectations or presumptions about today's run. I decided on a 7 mile route that could easily be cut shorter if I wasn't feeling it. Thankfully it felt pretty good. In fact I was able to find the speed I was missing during last weekend's race. Big difference - no ice!
I'm probably just weird but I like how the distance, time, and pace are all nice round numbers.

I felt great and was happy with the results. My hip was a little sore afterwards but fine during. I stretched and used the foam roller afterwards so hopefully that will help loosen it up some. It seems like I forget about stretching and using my foam roller pretty often. I'm going to try and make that more of a habit.

It was a little hilly today

Saturday's planned long run is a pace run so I'm going to try and get a few easy miles in tomorrow after work so I'm not stiff on Saturday. The pace run is going to be a 2 mile easy - 12 miles at pace  - 2 mile easy. I think our plan is a 7:00 pace but I really need to figure out a schedule. 7 is faster than my intended full marthon pace but slower than my half marathon pace so....yeah..... kinda hard to decide. It doesn't help that I'm planning on racing a half marathon the first weekend of May and then pacing one the last week of May. I've been running higher miles like I would if training for a marathon but as I discovered last week I need to start working on speed for the half. Kind of the reason I pushed the pace a little during today's run. I guess I'll just see who's doing what in the morning and go from there. That usually seems to work out haha.


  1. It's great when runs are better than expected, and very encouraging after a not so great run/race.

    I hear Seattle is pretty mild during winter, except for this year's freak snowstorm.

    1. I think the winter is confused everywhere this year haha! I've never been to the pacific northwest before but Oregon is for sure on my to do list!